Why Choose Us

Focused on producing consistent, high-quality products that meet or exceed customer expectations. Ability to custom-tailor products to a customer’s specific press, print and performance needs. Dedicated, experienced technical support and consultative services. Hands-on, personalized service. Fast turnaround.

Market-Leading Products

When it comes to our product offerings, we are very specific in what we do. We can mix and match colors for your specific print process. We can budget and recommend the appropriate coatings and adhesives for your application. We are constantly trying to push the envelope to make high-end printing more productive and make difficult print jobs seamless. We also develop custom solutions, including solutions that incorporate technologies outside the print industry. The companies we represent, plus our own technology, enable us to deliver the best overall solutions in the industry at competitive prices. Click here to learn more about our market-leading products.

Product Support

We understand the needs of printers and how to match the best products for a specific job. We believe in listening carefully to every client to assess each print situation and come up with a solution that could help improve productivity and your business economics. The key question is, “What are you doing?” Once we understand your application, we can recommend the most appropriate solution(s) and the fairest price. We believe this commitment to hands-on, personalized service sets us apart and will continue to help Cyngient grow.

Color Expertise

The Cyngient team has extensive experience in the print industry. Our color experts, for example, understand how to formulate printing inks for different substrates and how to check viscosity, critical for quality assurance and batch-to-batch uniformity. Our state-of-the-art lab and instrumentation have proven invaluable in analyzing complex printing issues. The hands-on service and fast turnaround we provide to our customers on a daily basis are key to our success.